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I grew up on a ten acre farm in Waimauku (West Auckland) which was a rural farming community back then. My parents settled on growing carnations after various vegetable crops. Leisure time as a family was often spent at the beach where I learned to have a love for the crawly beach life and the shells they lived in…. paua was always my favourite. Being the third child in a family of four with busy parents meant I was often left to my own devices. Part of the deal was having to help out after school & weekends, picking & packing till the work was done. It seemed a logical step for me to get qualified as a florist in order to cut out the middle man in the selling chain for those blooming carnations.

Since that time I have enjoyed many years of work both in NZ and in Australia. Married with three great kids between the ages of 20 and 15. My business has evolved out of the areas that I love to be creative in, floral design, gifts, and art. Passionate about bringing a range of gifts that cater to a niche market, my range remains unique and stands apart as an exceptional choice for corporate or personal giving.

Keeping within the traditional guidelines of design I bring a fresh affordable approach to flowers for the work place as a hire service.  I am amazed at how far the artificial flower industry has come over the years and I welcome its benefits to how we do flowers.

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