Floral Design Hire

 It is our privilege to assist businesses all over Auckland with high quality artificial flower options. Our professional florist Veena creates a wide variety of arrangements, each attentively designed with unique artistic flair. Our innovative designs are meticulously put together and we guarantee that you won’t see the same design repeated unless by request.

FD Hire

What Are Replica Blooms

Traditionally known as silk flowers, artificial flowers today are made from a diverse range of materials and vary greatly in quality.

Artificial flowers we currently provide are of impeccable quality and are made using state of the art design processes. The replicas that we offer are visually indistinguishable from true flowers and amazingly life-like to the touch.

Why Hire

Our Auckland based services are flexible and we can arrange to suit your décor needs. Currently our designs grace local restaurants, offices, clinics and retail premises.

We offer a no obligation free trial to see our arrangements up close and we welcome enquiries from all. Our amazing floral designs are on hire for $10/week per arrangement of any size, without any extensive contracts!

An arrangement that will suit your style and budget!

Our catalogue below showcases the many designs we have in our current selection.

We visit your premises monthly with a new arrangement of any size for the same cost of $10 per week.

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Contact Veena today to get your floral needs on the way to being sorted.

Phone: 021-0401845 Hours: 10am- 5pm Mon-Fri.